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FDA Approves New Diet Drug

I want this and I want it now! A new diet drug has been approved by the FDA.


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FDA Proposes Regulations On E-Cigarettes

The FDA is proposing regulations on e-cigarettes that will include banning sales to minors. We discussed e-cigs versus real cigs this morning.



Kids Spinbrush Could Be Dangerous; Warning Issued By FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer alert Thursday about electric toothbrushes that could chip teeth and really mess up your face.


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There’s WHAT In My Lipstick?!

It’s a crucial part of any woman’s look, that perfectly shaded pucker. Before, our biggest concern about makeup was the assurance that it wasn’t tested on animals, but now, there is cause to worry about […]


Lap Band For Teens

As obesity in the United States continues to be a growing issue, “quick and easy” weight-loss procedures are becoming more frequently used. “Lap-Band” surgery has become popular for many  obese adults, and now one pharmaceutical […]


How Safe Are Cosmetics? New Bill Wants to Find Out

AOL–Most Americans use about 10 personal care products each day. The toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, baby powder and other things that we routinely douse or slather on our bodies expose us to at least 100 different […]