A Daddy/Daughter Disney Father's Day Video You Need To SeeYou need to share this video with your Dad.
Teach Your Ol' Dad New Music: 13 Young Acts Your Classic Rock Loving Dad Will EnjoyYou may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but we do think it's possible to hip your good ol' dad to some great new music.
10 Best TV Dads, Ranked By ArchetypeGot a favorite TV dad? We round up 10 of our favorites and arrange them by archetype. See where your own dad fits in.
25 Dad's Reveal What They ACTUALLY Want For Father's Day
Vine Of The Day: 06.15.14Fathers' Day: Then vs. Now
Who Is America's Favorite Dad?He was elected Best Father in America too.
What's Hot, Special Edition: Steve Kemble's Dad Calls In
Steve Kemble Makes Father's Day Video for Dad
Hanson Talk Being Dads: 'They're Rewriting The Lyrics To Our Songs Already'"Being a dad is the best thing around," Taylor admitted. "Everything else pales in comparison to the connection you have with your kids and wanting to be with them."
Moments When We Got Busted By DadWe've been dumping on our dads all week, but now it's time to the turn the tables on ourselves. This morning, we shared about the times we disappointed our dads.
Crazy Things Our Dads Told Us That We BelievedThis morning, we shared the crazy stories our dads told us that we totally believed!
Times When Our Dads Have Embarrassed Us The MostThis morning, we threw our dads under the bus for the times they embarrassed us in public.

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