Vanessa Hudgens Lost Her Father Just Hours Before Her Live Performance Last Night!This breaks our hearts!
Cashier Meets Homeless Man... Who Happens to be Her Long Lost FatherIf this scene was in a movie we’d say it was over the top and not believable. An Idaho woman working as a cashier at an Exxon station was having a typical day on the job until a homeless man got in her line and handed her his food stamp card.
Teenage Daughter Lifts Truck Off Her Father, Saves His LifeYou've heard of moms getting superhuman strength to save their children. In this case a 19-year old lifted a truck off her father, with her bare hands.
Ryan Reynolds Pays Tribute To His Late Father With A Precious PicWell, it's safe to say we know where Ryan Reynolds gets his good looks...his father
This Celebrities Father-In-Law And Brother-In-Law Found Murdered In A Mexico Town
After Her Father Died On Duty, She Got The Most Emotional Surprise Ever At Her Wedding!
Man Finds His Wife In Bed--With Her Father! And Then It Gets Weird...You can't make this stuff up!
You Will Never Believe What Justin Timberlake Refuses To Do As A Dad! WHAT??
Balloon Released At Father's Grave Lands In His Daughters Yard 25 Miles Away!
Ryan Reynolds Reveals The Thing That Freaks Him Out The Most About Fatherhood
So Who Is Khloe Kardashian's Real Father?Wait…I thought her father was OJ Simpson? Now the tabloids are saying her father is Lionel Richie.
Dad Moves Daughter's Bedroom To DrivewayA father came up with a sure-fire way to keep his daughter's room clean.

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