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Jennifer Lawrence’s Boyfriend Requirements Might Be Perfect

Let’s be honest here: Jennifer Lawrence is perfect. She falls down at the Oscars and comes off even more endearing, she eats bad, she plays awesome characters…what’s not to love about J-Law? If you’d like […]

103.7 KVIL–10/09/2014

They're all wondering who did it. 
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VIDEO: Someone Farted At Obama Press Conference

Those times when we’ve passed gas in unexpected places.


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Runaway Horses

Fart-spooked horses, choked by powdered sugar, and stinky feet in the movie theater? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


John, Nick Frost, Tony, Julie, and Simon Pegg

Zazza & Julie Recap 8-8-13

Here’s all the great stuff you missed this morning!


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Suspected Domestic Violence Was Really A Farting Boyfriend

Those screams you hear are just a girlfriend who smelled her boyfriend’s fart.


She Mail

She Mail: Romance Fouled By Boyfriend’s Farting

Today’s She Mail needs help broaching the subject of boyfriend’s “Dutch Oven Lovin'”.


She Mail - Feature Image

SheMail: Dealing With “Silent But Deadlies”

A woman seeks advice from Julie on how to deal with a stinky problem.


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A Deodorizer To Save You From Gaseous Troubles

Thanks to a new invention, you can now take the evil out of the feared “Silent But Deadly.”



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