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VIDEO: CrossFit Fails

These CrossFit fails will make you feel a little less guilty about skipping this fitness trend.


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VIDEO: Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever

This guy is the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever.


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Activities We Signed Up For As Kids And Totally Failed

We all had some sort of activities we did as kids, and we all had that one activity that we totally failed at. We shared our stories of epic activity failure this morning.



Vine Before 9: Failure

John failed to get a Vine Before 9 this morning. For shame!


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People Who Will Make You Feel Better Feel Better About Your Athletic Abilities

Sometimes our athletic ability just leaves us just as a camera is rolling. Check out some of these awesome athletic fails.


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No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani On Releasing Push And Shove: “Unread Right For Process Alaska” (Google Transcription Fail)

Google’s automated transcription turns No Doubt’s otherwise serious behind-the-scenes webisode into a laugh-out-loud comedy.


Starkey Hearing Foundation "So The World May Hear Awards Gala" 2011

Local News Station Forgets To Check Graphic For Meat Loaf

Well not everyone can know who the big voiced singer, Meat Loaf, is.  Apparently someone doing the graphics at this particular news show only had one meat loaf in mind when getting the tease ready […]


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Dog Tries And Fails To Rollover

Kiko tries her hardest to do that darn rollover trick, but it’s just so difficult.


President Obama’s Limo Blunder

The Beast, aka President Barack Obama’s limo, is designed to withstand all kinds of attacks to keep the President protected. Unfortunately, it as it was leaving the U.S. Embassy in Ireland yesterday, it was temporarily defeated by […]