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Parents On Facebook

The hilarity and humiliation of our parents learning how to use “The Facebook.”


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When Your Facebook Gets Hijacked & How To Stop It

Tony’s friend had her Facebook hijacked by her kids. Check out some of these tips to keep your account secure from prankster friends and digital stranger danger.


Julie on Twitter

Zazza & Julie Recap 7-29-13

Julie’s back to her celebrity tweeting habit. While we try to stop her, check out some of these favorite stories.


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Stolen Pots Of Fresh Coffee

Stolen pots of fresh coffee, squirmy kids at church, and angry Facebook messages… Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


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Flight Change Saves Woman & Family From Asiana Crash

We think about the close-calls we’ve had in light of one woman’s story of not taking the ill-fated Asiana flight that crashed in San Francisco over the weekend.


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Men Busted After Posting Pics Of Stolen Bear Statue On Facebook

Bear statue gets taken on a wild ride with two drunk guys who posted their shenanigans on Facebook.


She Mail

She Mail – Finding Out Family News On Facebook

Julie gives advice to a woman upset that she found out about her father’s surgery through Facebook.


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Unplug From Technology During Your Vacation

Get the most out of your vacation by really unplugging from all the technology with these tips!


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Taco Bell Employee Photographed Licking Taco Shells

You’ll never look at your Taco Supreme the same way again.


She Mail

She Mail: Unfriended On Facebook For Movie Spoiler

Julie gives advice to someone who was unfriended on Facebook for spoiling a movie plot.