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New Study Says Facebook Is Dying, Compares Site To A Disease

New study says that Facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2017!


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Facebook Leads To Divorce

Yes, finding that old flame on Facebook could lead to more than you bargained for…the big “D” and we don’t mean Dallas. The renewal of that not-so-innocent friendship might end in marital disaster. Facebook is […]


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Facebook Is Watching What You Didn’t Post

If you’ve ever stopped yourself from posting something, Facebook wants to know why.


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Millions Of Facebook & Gmail Passwords Stolen In Massive Hack!

According to CNN, a massive hack has compromised millions of internet users passwords for sites like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant

Kelly Clarkson announces that she’s expecting a baby with her new husband!


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Julie’s Blog About Angry Facebook Comment Gets Unexpected Response

Julie’s blog post received an unexpected reply.


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Random Facebook Status Generator Creates Silly Nonsense

Random Facebook status generator proves our Timelines are full of gibberish.


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So What Is This Giraffe Thing About?

I try to stay pretty much on the forefront of everything that is going on with social media. I have Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram. But, this giraffe thing on Facebook, ya, I totally missed […]


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Why Giraffes Are TakingOver Facebook

Have you noticed that a large number of Giraffes taking over people’s profile pictures on Facebook? Well there is a reason for that, and it has to do with a riddle. If you get the […]


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The Most Annoying Posts On Facebook

A few of the Facebook sins that we’re all guilty of committing.