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16 Weird Workout TrendsThe struggle is real y'all! Working out is hard. Between work, kids, and fun time, it's hard to fit in the gym. However, that might change if your workout is entertaining. Or maybe trying something new will inspire you to get your sweat on!
Exercise Alone Won't Shed PoundsOf course exercise improves your well-being and strength, but exercise also causes you to eat more.
Ask Kory: CrossFit FailI did not last but 15 minutes. I got lightheaded. And I could barely walk. And then I vomited.
The Exercise That Predicts Your DEATH: Fail it - 5 Times More Likely To Die Early
Vine Of The Day: Let It Go- 11.29.14Wish all exercise could be this easy.
Michelle Obama's Vine Game Is On Point
Leigh Ann: Working Out In High Heels?I love high heels...I mean really love them. But I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to work out in them.
Leigh Ann: Exercise Corset Takes Inches Off Your WaistOf course I would try this.
Jennifer Lawrence Reveals How She Got in 'Hunger Games' Shape
Vine Of The Day: 06.05.14It's good to teach kids early on unless they outwit you.
Zazza & Julie Get Fitness Advice From Extreme Weight Loss' Chris PowellThis morning, we got to chat with Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss! Check out the great fitness advice he gave us this morning!
Dieting? You're Probably Doing It Wrong.There are several diets that are "so hot right now" that are a total joke.
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