Eating Raw Cookie Dough Is Way More Dangerous Than You Think!
Michael Bublé Defends His Corn Eating SkillsIn case you missed it last week, Michael Bublé became viral after a picture surfaced of his "unique" way of eating corn.
Don't Worry! No One Got Ate In A Haunted House!
Woman Cooks With An Easy Bake Oven For A Week, What She Created Will Blow Your Mind
This Crocodile Standing On It's Tail Is The Most Terrifying Thing You Will Ever See
This College Marching Band Created Their Rivals Mascot Eating A Mans "Hotrod"
This Lawsuit Against Chipotle Claims They Are Deceiving Their Customers!
Skinny Tara Reid Shocks In Bikini Photo
Julie's Jabbers: Can’t. Stop. EATING.There are some tried & true methods we’re told to follow when trying to lose weight like “find someone who will hold you accountable” and “write down everything you eat in a day.”
Our Bizarre Eating HabitsSome won't eat misshapen food, others will divide their candy and devour by colors. We shared our bizarre eating habits this morning.
Producer John Breaks Pancake Eating RecordProducer John demolishes a pancake record in honor of National Pancake Day.
Working Out Cuts Your Appetite & Flirting Helps Women Negotiate, Study FindsWhat’s a better way to get your flirt on then by feeling good about your body with a new fitness routine?

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