Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers!Maybe Ice Cream Trucks Will Now Start Serving Beer...
Ever Heard Of "Rage Yoga"?Because apparently it's a thing.
Rob Thomas Apologizes For Comment Onstage Seen as RacistThomas said he cried after learning why he was booed in Australia for a comment that seemed to link alcohol to Australian Aborigines.
Drinking Coffee Could Be Making Your Breast Smaller!
Man Says The Key To Living To 107 Was Drinking 4 Bottles Of Wine A Day!Now this is some health advice we can get down with! Love it!
Jamie Foxx Pulls A Man Out Of Burning Car!
Wahoo! Champagne Reduces Risk Of Dementia, Alzheimer'sScientists have released new data that shows popping the champagne cork is actually good for you. Wahoo! Drink up!
NBC Addresses Jimmy Fallon's Drinking Issue!
This Is The Terrifying Thing That Can Happen If You Don't Break The Seal While Drinking
5 Benefits Of Drinking Beer If You Are A WomanWe are all trying to live a healthier lifestyle, what with the FitBits, yoga classes, eating a healthier diet, and well, usually beer doesn’t really fit into that “healthy diet”.
Texas Drunk Driving Campaign Begins Today!Texas law enforcement officers have teamed up with TxDOT and started a new statewide campaign today called... ‘Drink, Drive, Go To Jail.’
Do You Really Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day?Drink when you’re thirsty – is that all?

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