Trump Wins The Republican Nomination For PresidentIt takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president and Trump has 1,238.
Donald Trump Once Proposed A White Vs. Black Season Of 'The Apprentice'
Mark Cuban Described Trump In A Way That Might Get Him Sued
VIDEO: Johnny Depp Impersonates Donald Trump In Hilarious Short FilmWatch the video here!
Rapper Azealia Banks Goes On A Twitter Rant Against America & Zayn MalikAzealia Banks has gone and lost her mind!
A Canadian School Opened A 25-Year-Old Time Capsule And It Had A Message To Donald TrumpA poster was covered with message from students for whoever opened up the time capsule in 2016, but one thing really got people's attention, there was a message to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump Poses With Taco "I Love Hispanics"Taco bout an awkward photo.
Ted Cruz Drops Out of Presidential Race
Ted Cruz Says Transgender Should Only Use Their Home Restrooms
Donald Trump Gives Speech About The Tragic Events Of '7/11'Well this is awkward.
Donald Trump Put's Foot In Mouth In Pennsylvania; Asks "How's Joe Paterno"?Whomp, whomp. Talk about the ultimate party fail!
Donald Trump's Own Kids Won't Be Voting For Him For PresidentOMG!

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