See How Mark Cuban Slammed Donald Trump (Repeatedly) On Twitter!It was a TWEET STORM!
Someone Built a Wall Around Donald Trump's Hall of Fame StarPeople are gathering to see this miniature wall on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s 6" tall, grey concrete, complete with "Keep Out" signs and topped with razor wire.
Cruz Offers Congratulations to Trump But No Endorsement: Booed
Jimmy Fallon Gave A Passionate Defense Of Melania's Speech As Donald TrumpHe entered The Tonight Show stage 'Michael Jackson-style' and then showed off his best Donald Trump impression.
Donald Trump Makes Wrestlemania Entrance At Republican National Convention (Video)Donald Trump's entrance at the beginning of the Republican National Convention last night could rival the best WWE entrances of all time.
Did Melania Trump Copy A Former Speech Of Michelle Obama's? (Video)Melania's speech is being ridiculed right now for being incredibly similar to a speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave in 2008.
Hundreds Of Naked Women Greet Donald Trump At Republican National Convention (NSFW Photos)Early yesterday morning, as the sun rose over Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, hundreds of women dropped the sheets they were wearing, held mirrors to their faces, and stood completely naked for an art piece.
Donald Trump Chooses Running MateAnd the winner is…
Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton At RallyBernie Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, solidifying the former secretary of state's hold on the Democratic party.
Presidential Candidates Cancel Appearances; Respond to Dallas ShootingsNational leaders from throughout the world have expressed grief and shock regarding last night’s tragedy. Here’s what the two primary presidential candidates had to say.
Donald Trump Claims Elsa From Frozen Is Anti-SemiticI guess he doesn't like snowmen
Is Mount Trumpmore In Our Very Near Future? (Photos)Illustrator Dan Adel was asked in 2007 by Vanity Fair to create a new Mount Rushmore of four of the most disastrous presidents in our history. This month, Adel revisited the sketch, and made some edits, this time inserting the face of Donald Trump.

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