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Watch This Brilliant And Chilling Super Bowl Commercial NOW

Watch this now.

103.7 KVIL–01/31/2015

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Upset Man Throws Pizza Slices At Girlfriend

Man arrested in a case of domestic pizza violence. What a waste of pizza.


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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Invites You To Rally Against Violence

Join Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings at the Rally Against Domestic Violence tomorrow at Dallas City Hall!


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Georgia Restaurant Adds Chris Brown, Rihanna Inspired Item: The “Black And Bleu” Sandwich

A Georgian restaurant is in a bit of hot water for promotion a new menu item, the “Caribbean black and bleu sandwich”. Claiming the inspiration was singer Chris Brown’s vicious assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.



Man Attacks Mother For Using His Salsa

The Smoking Gun is reporting that a 23 year-old Florida man, Christopher Phillips, is being held in county jail for attacking his 55 year-old mother for using his salsa and taco sauce on her dinner.


'Raising Sextuplets' Dad Bryan Masche Arrested For Domestic Violence

The father of sextuplets, who stars on a cable television reality show “Raising Sextuplets” about raising them, was charged with domestic violence while visiting family in Arizona. Bryan Masche, 32, yelled at and threatened his […]