Man Says He Was “Seduced” By A Dolphin

Let me just start with this must have happened in Florida, right? All the crazy stuff comes from Florida. He can’t be serious right? They are actually making a documentary about him. You can see […]

103.7 KVIL–02/02/2015

Penguins And Polar Bears And Dolphins! Oh My!

Penguins And Polar Bears And Dolphins! Oh My! No, it’s not a weird remake of the Wizard of Oz, just some YouTube videos that I stumbled upon today. These three videos have addressed some questions […]


Curious Cat Wants Dolphin Kisses!

  You know I am a total animal lover. I have a ZOO at the house. I personally have 3 dogs (Mac, Ally and Cooper) along with 2 cats (Faith and Hill) and currently I […]