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Julie’s Lost Stuffed Animal Chaos

After a kids’ room clean out, chaos breaks out when a beloved stuff animal goes missing.


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Craft A Reading Journal With American Girl McKenna

Craft a reading journal just like McKenna’s at the American Girl store!


The 9th Annual Dream Halloween

Valeria Lukyanova Is A Real Life Barbie

A lot of people aspire to be like someone famous. But very few people actually go to the lengths of 21 year-old Valeria Lukyanova. She wants to be like Barbie so much, she’s paying for […]


Has Justin Bieber Been Replaced By The Beav

Leigh Ann was shopping today when she saw the new Justin Bieber doll. It reminded her of the replacement she recently heard about.


Leigh Ann Knows What She Wants For Christmas, The Justin Bieber Doll

Sure to be all the rage this holiday season, the [lastfm]Justin Bieber [/lastfm]Doll. You can dress him in variety of outfits, and he even sings.



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