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Dog Does The Household Chores

Who has time for all those household chores. Why not just train the dog to do it. These people did.


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Ice Cream For Your Dog

Yesterday it was beer for your dogs, and today it’s ice cream for man’s best friend. Well to be more accurate it is canine gelato. The Italian treat contains no milk, eggs or sugar, all […]


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Families Spend $5,000 On Wedding For Dogs

Two families united in matrimony last weekend in Palm Springs, California. The bride and groom looked ravishing in their custom designed ensembles. However the bride and groom were still dogs.


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Lifeguard Dog Rescues Puppy

Check out this amazing video of a dog going into lifeguard mode and saving a puppy in trouble. He’s better than the lifeguards at most neighborhood pools.


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Dog Tries And Fails To Rollover

Kiko tries her hardest to do that darn rollover trick, but it’s just so difficult.


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Rover Vs. Goliath

Check out this awesome video of a choreographed routine between a border collie vs. his gladiator owner. It’s a pretty neat routine. I can’t imagine how long it took for dog and owner to get […]


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Corgi Catching Treats In Slow Motion

This is probably one of the cutest videos you will see in a while. Well at least if you’re a dog lover, and who isn’t? Here is a really cool video of a Corgi catching […]