Microchipped Dog Found in Ft. Worth Reunited with Family After Six YearsSay hello – and “welcome back!” – to Corky. The little terrier disappeared from his fenced yard in Boyd, Texas, in 2009.
Mom Tries To Teach Baby To Say 'Mama' But The Dog Says It Instead
Justin Bieber's Dog Is Cooler Than All Of Us Combined (Video)Bieber took some time from his tour right now to hang out with his adorable pupper, Esther, and the Biebs posted some videos to his Instagram of the two spending some Daddy/Doggy time together.
This Duck Chasing A Dog Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See All Day!This is adorable!
Father Uses Family Dog To Remove Tooth From Daughter's Mouth (Video)Carlos Vasquez out of California decided to use the family's German Shepherd to rid a tooth from his daughter Sidney's mouth.
Louisiana Boy Sneaks Into Neighbor's Garage to Hug Their Dog (VIDEO)This’ll melt your heart. From the small town of Pierre Part, west of New Orleans, a 9-year-old boy recovers from the loss of his dog by making friends with another. A surveillance camera catches Josh Breaux entering neighbor Hollie Mallet’s garage to enthusiastically hug the black Labrador named Dutchess.
Dog Owners Battle Frisbee Golf EnthusiastsOne of the most popular and scenic frisbee golf courses in DFW at Bear Creek Park will potentially be replaced by two brand new parks, much to the chagrin of "frolf" enthusiasts.
There Are Grown Men Who Live And Dress As Puppies (Video)Not that there's anything wrong this that. 
Paralyzed Dog Nearly Euthanized Until Medical Student Finds a Tick (PHOTOS)Ollie the Collie was just a couple of minutes from being put down in Portland Oregon when a sharp med student saved the day. And the dog.
Vet Student Saves Dog From Being Euthanized By Finding Tick
This Weird New Pet Brush Has You Brushing Your Cat With Your Tongue!
Dog Runs Away...And Ends Up Walking Himself To Doggie Day Care!

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