Boss Indirectly Saves McKinney Man's Life By Insisting On Seeing A DoctorThis touching story has gone national. Mike Bell went to work at a McKinney car dealership. His boss told him he looked bad and needed a doctor. Ends up he needed heart surgery -- immediately.
DON'T Wear Hair Ties Around Your Wrist And This Is Why!
Lime Juice Is Burning Peoples Skin And The Pictures Are Terrifying!
Woman Begs Doctors To Remove Her 30-Pound Breasts Despite Health Risks
What This Doctor Did During Surgery Will Shock You!
Woman Claims Doctor Left His Cell Phone In Her Stomach
Taylor Swift Reveals Her Mother Has Cancer
Women Are Using Laughing Gas During Childbirth Now
The Anesthesiologist For Joan Rivers Fatal Proceedure Finally Identified
Joan Rivers' Doc Reportedly Took Selfie Moments Before Cardiac Arrest
Curbside Birth Caught On GoPro! This Is Crazy Awesome!
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Getting Cuddly With The TSAWe are back from the holidays! After 2 weeks of vacation, we're bound to have some things to get off our chest. It's time for Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

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