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Discovery Channel

VIDEO: 6.5 Foot Shark Caught (And Released) Off North Carolina CoastYou're gonna need a bigger fishing pole!
Dead Shark Found On TrainA shark was found on a train. Either it's a great joke, a great mistake, or the best Shark Week promotion ever!
VIDEO: Snuffy The Seal Shark Week CommercialThis Shark Week commerical is hilarious!
Fans Upset Over Faked Megalodon "Documentary"Shark fans are in a frenzy after learning Discovery Channel's Shark Week kickoff "Megalodon: The Monster That Lives" was not based on fact at all.
Shark Week Begins This Week On Discovery Channel With "Megalodon"Shark lovers rejoice! Shark Week is back on Discovery Channel, and they might have found a monster shark bigger than a Great White roaming the ocean.
Nik Wallenda Talks About SkyWire Walk Across Grand CanyonWe chatted this morning with Nik Wallenda, a member of the famous Flying Wallenda family, about his recent high-wire walk across the Grand Canyon.
Bear Grylls Off Discovery Channel
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