What's A Smartphone Doing At A 1995 Mike Tyson Fight?Do you believe in time travel? Before you laugh, we may have some proof that it exists.
The Official Angry Birds Trailer Has Landed!
The Latest Trailer For Batman V. SupermanLast week, Jimmy Kimmel got the exclusive. During his show, Marvel dropped the newest trailer for Captain America Civil War. It had more than 60 million views in one day.
Proof That Parents Don't Know What Their Kids Are Doing OnlineThis is one of those things that every parent needs to see. As much as we love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are some dangers to social media.
What If Car Commercials Were Honest?Well that's a loaded question! And one that will NEVER happen. No wonder some of us tend to hang onto our cars until they are falling apart or rusted out.
The Guys At Dude Perfect Do Impossible Paintball Trick Shots!We all know the guys from Dude Perfect right? They are infamous for making all those crazy trick shots. They've done everything from basketball shots to table tennis. And they're from right here in DFW.
Watch The Best Picture Nominees In Less Than 4 Minutes!The Oscars are this weekend. Are you ready? And by ready, I mean have you seen all the films?
Arby’s Is The Cleanest Fast Food Restaurant
David Rancken's Top TV Shows For 2012
Best Tech Gifts To Give This Christmas
Disney Purchases LucasFilm And Vows New Star Wars Movie In 2015Disney buys the Star Wars galaxy and promises to release the next story in the Star Wars Saga.
David Rancken's Dream Vacation Destinations

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