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The Types Of Guys You’ve Dated In Dallas

If you’ve dated in Dallas, chances are that you’ve dated one of the guys on this list.


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She Mail: Valentines Day Advice

We have a special Valentine’s Day edition of She Mail! Check out the letters we got this morning!


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Will Your Refridgerator Reveal True Love

One dating guru seems to think so. The Daily Mail is reporting that John Stonehill claims that he can tell whether a man is ready for true love or his just looking to date. John […]


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Dating While Married Isn’t As Bad As You’d Think

One man confesses that he’s dating even though he’s married. Check out why it’s not as scandalous as you think.


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She Mail: Moving Forward After Being Cheated On

This morning, Julie gave advice on how to move on in a new relationship after being cheated on in the previous relationship.


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Our Favorite Break Up Songs

We talk about the songs that got us through break ups.


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Year End Reviews For Your Relationship

Employers give year-end reviews for employees, but what about couples giving year-end reviews of their relationships?


Guy's Prank on Girlfriend Backfires

Guy’s Cheating on Girlfriend Prank BACKFIRES (Video)

Guy decides to prank his girlfriend, but his prank backfires when his girlfriend makes a confession. Check out the video!


Rent-A-Boyfriend Business Might Stop Nagging Parents

Renting a fake boyfriend might be the answer to avoiding awkward family inquiries about your love life… or lack thereof.


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She Mail: Woman’s Work Boyfriend Worries Husband

This morning, Julie gave advice to a woman whose office boyfriend is causing her husband to be jealous.