The 103.7 KVIL staff getting ready to step off for the 2014 Alan Ross Freedom Parade! (Photo: Tony Zazza - CBS Radio)

VIDEO: 103.7 KVIL In The Dallas Pride Parade!

Check out the streaming video of 103.7 KVIL in the 2014 Dallas Pride Parade.



What’s Hot: Miss Earth Dallas

What’s HOT: The Miss Earth Dallas and DFW Style Daily benefit for the American Care Academy in Dallas is HOT!     CLICK HERE to read more

103.7 KVIL–09/23/2014


What’s Hot: Science Day At The Dallas Zoo

ExxonMobil Science Day at the Dallas Zoo is HOT!     CLICK HERE to read more  

103.7 KVIL–09/22/2014


What’s Hot: Drink-Play-Love

What’s HOT: Solerno Presents Drink-Play-Love at the Fairmont is HOT!     E-mail them to RSVP here– RSVPdrinkplaylove@solernoliqueur.com

103.7 KVIL–09/18/2014

Getty/Mike Ehrmann

Proof That Dallas-Ft Worth Is The Entertainment Capitol Of Texas

I love the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I went to junior high and high school here, and if I don’t have to I don’t ever plan on leaving. I came across this article tonight that proves […]


I was taught that handwritten notes mean the most. I assume the same goes for pictures.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m not sure what I did to convince the Powers-That-Be at CBS Radio that I should get access to the website and permission to post whatever I want (opinions my own, clearly), but somehow, someway […]

103.7 KVIL–09/13/2014

Dallas Arboretum

What’s Hot: Cool Thursdays Concert Series at the Dallas Arboretum

Cool Thursdays Concert Series at the Dallas Arboretum is HOT!   CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/11/2014

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Is Coming To Dallas

You can WIN TICKETS BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM by listening to Zazza Mornings all week long!


Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What’s Hot: Dallas Stars Icebreaker Event

What’s Hot…the Dallas Stars Icebreak Event for Fans is HOT     CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/08/2014

Naturally Isis

What’s Hot: Naturally Isis Naturally Hair Parade & Festival

What’s HOT: Naturally Isis Naturally Hair Parade and Festival is HOT!   Click here for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/04/2014




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