What’s Hot: Miss Earth Dallas

What’s HOT: The Miss Earth Dallas and DFW Style Daily benefit for the American Care Academy in Dallas is HOT!     CLICK HERE to read more

103.7 KVIL–09/23/2014


What’s Hot: Science Day At The Dallas Zoo

ExxonMobil Science Day at the Dallas Zoo is HOT!     CLICK HERE to read more  

103.7 KVIL–09/22/2014


What’s Hot: Drink-Play-Love

What’s HOT: Solerno Presents Drink-Play-Love at the Fairmont is HOT!     E-mail them to RSVP here– RSVPdrinkplaylove@solernoliqueur.com

103.7 KVIL–09/18/2014

Getty/Mike Ehrmann

Proof That Dallas-Ft Worth Is The Entertainment Capitol Of Texas

I love the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I went to junior high and high school here, and if I don’t have to I don’t ever plan on leaving. I came across this article tonight that proves […]


I was taught that handwritten notes mean the most. I assume the same goes for pictures.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m not sure what I did to convince the Powers-That-Be at CBS Radio that I should get access to the website and permission to post whatever I want (opinions my own, clearly), but somehow, someway […]

103.7 KVIL–09/13/2014

Dallas Arboretum

What’s Hot: Cool Thursdays Concert Series at the Dallas Arboretum

Cool Thursdays Concert Series at the Dallas Arboretum is HOT!   CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/11/2014

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Is Coming To Dallas

You can WIN TICKETS BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM by listening to Zazza Mornings all week long!


Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What’s Hot: Dallas Stars Icebreaker Event

What’s Hot…the Dallas Stars Icebreak Event for Fans is HOT     CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/08/2014

Naturally Isis

What’s Hot: Naturally Isis Naturally Hair Parade & Festival

What’s HOT: Naturally Isis Naturally Hair Parade and Festival is HOT!   Click here for more info

103.7 KVIL–09/04/2014

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Kory’s Pride Diary: Michael Sam, Welcome To DFW!

As an openly gay man who has fought an uphill battle to be able to be authentic in every area of my life, I’d like to welcome Michael Sam and his partner to DFW with open arms. Go Cowboys!





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