Dallas Symphony Orchestra

The DSO Children’s Choir Sings For Gene And Julie

Gene and Julie had the DSO Christmas Celebration Children’s Choir come into the studio today to spread some Christmas cheer!


The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Munsters, And Scream In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Even though Christmas is in the title, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween favorite for many scary-movie lovers this time of year. What Halloween-themed movies make your favorites list? Are you a fan of […]


Perez Hilton, Mary Hart, And C.S.I. All In Today's Beat David Rancken

After 28 years of hosting Entertainment Tonight, Mary Hart, has decided to retire. It’s been said that, Lara Spencer, host of “The Insider,” will be taking over at the “Entertainment Tonight” anchor’s desk following the […]


Jennifer Grey, Spuds McKenzie, And JK Rowling In Today’s Beat David Rancken

There’s a rumor that the 50 year old actress, made famous for her role as “Baby” Houseman, in Dirty Dancing, is the front runner for this season of Dancing with The Stars! Who do you […]


Which Hanna Barbera Cartoon Character Was Smarter Than The Average Bear?

Tell me you knew the answer was Yogi Bear! Think you can handle a five pop-based trivia question? We are seeking new contestants for our Beat David Rancken segment! Sign up! You win a cool […]


Which Hollywood Actor Played The "Church Lady" On Saturday Night Live?

Did you guess Dana Carvey? You’re right! Think you can handle a five question, pop-based trivia game? We are currently seeking new contestants to take on our News Director, David Rancken! Interested? Did I mention […]


Which Famous Pop Singer Is Hannah Montana?

Did you guess Miley Cyrus? That’s right! Are you up for a five question trivia challenge against our News Director David Rancken?  We are seeking new contestants to take on our pop culture guru! Interested? […]


Who Won American Idol The Year Rocker Bo Bice Was Runner-up?

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Which English Rocker Is Named Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner?

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Marvin Hamlisch Analyzes DSO Season – Video

Marvin Hamlisch stopped by the Lite FM Studios to discuss the upcoming Dallas Symphony Orchestra Season at Meyerson Symphony Center. Watch the video…