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Lifeguard Dog Rescues Puppy

Check out this amazing video of a dog going into lifeguard mode and saving a puppy in trouble. He’s better than the lifeguards at most neighborhood pools.


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Dog Heartbroken When Toy Mouse Runs Out

Maymo the Beagle loves his toy mouse, and he is utterly heartbroken when the batteries run out.If I were his owners I would make sure I always had extra batteries on hand. Because I couldn’t […]


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Just A Hamster Doing Back-Flips

This little guy is an incredible athlete. I counted about 58 back-flips in about a minute. Unfortunately he is a little late for the Olympics this summer, maybe next time little buddy.


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The Snooring Dormouse

Somebody get this poor little guy a sleep apnea mask stat! However it’s probably the cutest thing you will see all day.


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Corgi Catching Treats In Slow Motion

This is probably one of the cutest videos you will see in a while. Well at least if you’re a dog lover, and who isn’t? Here is a really cool video of a Corgi catching […]


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Baby Tortoise Has A Hard Time Eating

Kevin, a baby Sulcata Tortoise, has a little depth perception problem, and it makes eating a little difficult. However it makes for incredibly cute YouTube videos.