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World Leaders Photoshopped With Man Buns Is The Scariest And Funniest Thing You Will See All Day
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PHOTO: Guy Texted His Brother The Creepiest Close-Up EverCan you tell what this is?
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People Can't Handle The New 50 Shades Book! You Have To Read These Lines!
Chris Brown Finds Naked Woman In His HouseMight be the only time he's turned down a naked chick!
Which Actor Admitted To Stalking A Woman?!He's watching yooooou...
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Vice President Joe Biden's Creepy Shoulder Squeeze Sets Off Social Media
Facebook Knows When You're About To Be In A Relationship, And How Long It Will Last!Seriously...WHEN, and HOW LONG...creepy!
VIDEO: Little Spider Dances To YMCAWatch this little spider dance!
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