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WHAT’S HOT: Dairy Day at Grapevine’s Nash Farm

Celebrate National Dairy Month at Nash Farm’s Dairy Day on Saturday, June 14. This event is free (we like hearing that don’t we parents) and family-friendly! The day will feature interactive activities for the whole […]


Test-Tube Burgers Are ‘Grown’ To Perfection

Would you like some genetically-altered fries with that? Leigh Ann found something a little interesting. In Vitro Meat just might be what you’re eating in the near future.


Cow Lover’s Drive Cow Cars

Leigh Ann took a few snapshots of a “Cow-Riffic” car the other day while out shopping… Needless to say, whoever the owner is, they’re a proud cow lover.


We Love Unkilled Hamburger

 We all love animals… Right? Being a lover of  cows, Leigh Ann happened to find an article containing scathing remarks for hunters. Something doesn’t quite seem right though.


Milk, Does It Really Do The Body Good

Milk. How often do you drink it? What about what’s in it, or what’s not in it?