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You Can Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies Now With This Little Oven

We look forward to warmer weather every year, and with warmer weather comes girl scout cookies. Now you don’t have to for the spring to come. At Toys-R-Us you can buy a girl scout cookie […]

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It’s That Time Of The Year When Cookies Are Celebrated ~What’s YOUR flavor??

Check out this recipe for Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies :)


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Girl Scout Cookies Are Going Digital

We all know that time of year. You walk into the grocery store and there they are, the girl scouts. They have those amazing cookies with them, and we buy a box. Well they just upped […]

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5 Unique Christmas Cookie Recipes

Whether covered in multicolored frosting, speckled with holiday cherries, or dipped in chopped nuts, cookies during the holidays define the concept of cheer. Case in point: What’s an appropriate “Thank You” gift to give Santa […]


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Wife Threatened With Divorce For Licking Creme From Oreos

Who licks the creme out of an Oreo and puts the cookies back in the package?! That’s grounds for divorce!


National Girl Scout Cookie Day

Girl Scout Cookie Adult Beverage Samoa Cookie Cocktail

Just when you thought Girl Scout cookies couldn’t get any better, the Samoa Cookie Cocktail, inspired by the famous Girl Scout Cookie has arrived! The Samoa Cookie is made up of Chocolate, Coconut and Caramel, […]


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Girl Scouts Release New Vitamin Cookie

Well it’s about that time again when we will probably blow half our paycheck on Girl Scout Cookies. Luckily this year the Girl Scouts are thinking about our figures by releasing a cookie that will […]


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Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy Bars For Cookies!

Here’s a recipe that will help you get rid of some of that extra Halloween candy.


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State Fair Of Texas Adding Deep-Fried Girl Scout Cookies To The Menu

The State Fair of Texas likes to take food that is delicious on its own and give it a deep fried improvement. Well they are at it again this time they are frying up the […]


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Amazing Oscar Cookies From Eleni’s Cookies

Eleni’s is a fabulous bakery in New York. They make the most amazing and fun cookies that are nut-free! Don’t let the distance get you down; you can order these cookies online!