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Dane Cook Calls Out Kim Kardashian With A PhotoShopped Photo

Dane Cook was one of the first people to yell foul last night when the photo was posted. He photoshopped the photoshopped photo, if that makes any sense. He posted what he thought she really looked […]

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Here is Tony’s Football Foodies recipe of the week!   MINI PESTO BRUSCHETTA CUPS PREP TIME: 5 MIN COOK TIME: 10 MIN Ingredients wonton wrappers olive oil/cooking spray pesto fresh mozzarella cheese tomatoes fresh basil […]

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Play Big Fat Liar And Win Maroon 5 & Train Tickets

Truth or Lie: Did Julie DeHarty give a diet coke to someone asking for money? Play Big Fat Liar today and win tickets to see Maroon 5 and Train in concert!


10 Men Women Love – What Do You Fancy?

I thought this was a fun and interesting list. I love lists btw in case you can’t tell. It’s a list of the Top 10 Men Women Love.  Is your guy on here? Maybe they […]


Leigh Ann Can You Get Me A Cup?

Leigh Ann doesn’t cook. So when someone sent her a list of recipes for a crock-pot, she sent them to Julie. This led to a startling discovery.