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Here is Tony’s Football Foodies recipe of the week!   MINI PESTO BRUSCHETTA CUPS PREP TIME: 5 MIN COOK TIME: 10 MIN Ingredients wonton wrappers olive oil/cooking spray pesto fresh mozzarella cheese tomatoes fresh basil […]

103.7 KVIL–09/04/2014

Play Big Fat Liar And Win Maroon 5 & Train Tickets

Truth or Lie: Did Julie DeHarty give a diet coke to someone asking for money? Play Big Fat Liar today and win tickets to see Maroon 5 and Train in concert!


10 Men Women Love – What Do You Fancy?

I thought this was a fun and interesting list. I love lists btw in case you can’t tell. It’s a list of the Top 10 Men Women Love.  Is your guy on here? Maybe they […]


Leigh Ann Can You Get Me A Cup?

Leigh Ann doesn’t cook. So when someone sent her a list of recipes for a crock-pot, she sent them to Julie. This led to a startling discovery.  



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