Applebee's And IHOP Remove Soda From Kid's MenuWe've all seen the studies that show how bad our favorite carbonated beverages are for you, and restaurants have started to do something about it.
What Happens In Your Body After Drinking A Soda?A new infograph that describes what happens inside your body after drinking a can of soda has become viral, and what it says is pretty horrifying.
Lindsay Lohan And Mother Sue Fox News: We Never Did Coke Together!
VINE: Dude In Mentos Suit Jumps In Diet Coke...We've seen the videos of Mentos being dropped into Diet Coke, now imagine a person covered in Mentos being dunked in Diet Coke...imagine no more!
Amazing Cover Of "Little Talks" With Coke Bottles, Cans & Kevin From Pentatonix
Coke Machine Takes Hugs Instead Of Money
Gas Is Still Cheaper Than A Lot Of Your Favorite Liquids
Gene And Julie's Big Fat Liar Today Is...

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