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Bill Murray Will Wish You a ‘Very Murray Christmas’ This December

It was announced Murray was working on a Christmas special with director Sofia Coppola for Netflix, and now there’s a video teaser.


'Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade' Special Taped At Magic Kingdom

Coming Soon: Mariah Carey’s Christmas Movie!

“All we want for Christmas is heeeerrrrrr!”


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Did Play-Doh Ruin Christmas For Families This Year?

In a cake decorating Play-Doh set this year, they put something a little awkward in it. The icing tube looks like a male part if you know what I mean. Seriously, just like one. Families […]

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The tree in my living room, lovingly provided by my good friend Leslie! (Photo: Kory - CBS Radio)

When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Decorations?

Each family tends to have their own traditions, when do you take yours down?


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Kanye Spent $74,000 On North’s Christmas Presents This Year

So North isn’t even two yet and they spent how much money for her gift?? What happen to Bubble Guppies, and baby dolls? That is insane to me. Kim claims that North is going to […]

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Look What Santa Brought Justin Bieber! WOW

So apparently Justin Bieber got a new airplane for Christmas. I’m not going to lie this thing is really, really, really, nice. You can see photos of it HERE!!!

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Santa Dog Riding On Vacuum Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See All Week

This might be the most adorable video you will watch over the holiday season. This dog looks like he is loving life on that rumba. Hope you enjoyed!

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This Guy Had To Be Hospitalized For Chugging To Much Eggnog!

So you have officially been warned. Don’t do this. Although I think it was a freak accident, kind of. It went down his wind pipe instead of into his stomach. He had to be put […]

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The Most Extravagant Christmas Gifts Celebrities Have Given! These Are Crazy!

We all know celebrities have crazy amounts of money they don’t know what to do with. They actually do know what to do with it, spend it on crazy gifts. If you have it you […]

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Student Guide Dogs Take Tour Of Newark Liberty Airport

Vine Of The Day: Happy Howl-idays!- 12.24.14

Santa Paws is back for another Christmas jingle!