Researchers Say Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Could Be Good For Your Brain And Waistline!
Peep Sushi Is A Real Thing And You Have To Try It This Easter
Have You Seen The Freaky-Looking Benedict Cumberbatch Chocolate Rabbit?WARNING: “The Cumberbunny" might give you nightmares.
The Most Googled Thing In Texas On Valentine's Day Was Plus Sized Lingerie!This has to be a joke, right?
People Are Really Upset That The Reese's Hearts Look Worse Than The Christmas Trees!This is a blob of chocolate, not even close to a heart!
McDonald's Is Serving Chocolate-Covered French Fries!These actually sound really good! Would you try them?
People Are Freaking Out About The Change To Cadbury Creme Eggs!
Jimmy Fallon Shares Rare Family Photo And It's Adorable!
OMG! Coffee Can Kill You!We all know death is going to happen. It's the how and when that's uncertain.
The Newest Oreo Flavor Is...Because sometimes watermelon and red velvet just aren't enough.
11 Exotic Chocolates for a Sweeter EasterFancy some Pop Rocks Truffles or an Enchanted Mushroom? We found 11 exotic chocolate treats to make your Easter even tastier.
Happy Valentine's Day To YOU!!Today I'm making chocolate filled raspberries! Only two ingredients and you don't have to feel bad for indulging on this decadent treat :)

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