Baby In China Born With 31 Finger And ToesRead baby Hong's full story here.
Couple Sell Their Newborn Online To Buy The Latest iPhoneWell these people certainly won't be winning any parent of the year trophies anytime soon.
Hair Bands From China Made From Used Condoms Could Spread STD'sWhy would they put used condoms in hair bands?
Photos Show Stunning Ginkgo Biloba Tree Shedding Bright Yellow Leaves in ChinaA 1400-year-old Ginkgo Biloba tree in China planted during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The Ginkgo tree is considered a living fossil, dating back 270 million years. Little can kill it. Ginkgoes even survived Hiroshima.
Woah! Check Out This City Floating Over China!What is happening in China???
Katy Perry Upsets Chinese CommunityDo you think it's offensive?
Funeral Strippers Are A Real Thing In China
Prince George Makes The Most Adorable MistakeKids say the darndest things!
Are these pictures of the new iPhone 6?The photos show a wider phone with a slightly thicker profile. Perhaps Apple's attempt at getting into the phablet market?
Baby Born with 8 Limbs Has Surgery
Child turns Dad's Passport into Canvas
Taylor Swift Breaks China Ticket Sales Record

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