Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Reveals First City For World Tour!

Garth gave the information to a man who inquired, and that man chose to share it with a kid at Atlanta’s Children’s Medical Center…they shared the news on their Twitter.


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VIDEO: Children’s Medical Center Catches The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake caught on at Children’s Medical Center. Check out the video!!


Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Mia’s Story Of Hope

Mia’s had to get used to surgery with her first breath. Thirteen years later she wont let it slow her down. Hear Mia’s Story of Hope:


Photo by Lori Wilson

Maddie’s Story Of Hope

Maddie doesn’t just take her issues with Crohn’s disease on head on, she overcomes them and helps others. Hear Maddie’s story of Hope:


Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Landon Light’s Story Of Hope

Landon Light, 13, woke up one morning paralyzed, but he never stopped believing things would get better. Listen to Landon’s story of hope:


Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Ian Lemus’ Story Of Hope

Eight-year-old Ian Lemus went through a year’s worth of treatment and is getting better, but it isn’t just curing patients like Ian that Children’s specializes in. Hear Ian’s Story of Hope: Ian’s journey began when […]


Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Ethan Fox’s Story Of Hope

A game for Ethan Fox changed his life. Children’s Medical Center and some quick thinking teachers saved it. Hear Ethan’s story of hope:


Photo Credit: Lori Wilson

Dylan De Serrano’s Story Of Hope

Five-year-old Dylan De Serrano has been battling kidney disease for three years. A fight his mother Jodi has had to deal with before. Hear Dylan’s story of hope:



Christmas Is For Children Radiothon – Day 2

Lite FM is at Children’s Medical Center Dallas for day 2 of the Christmas is for Children Radiothon!  Yesterday and today Foresters is doing a match of $10,o00 to benifit Children’s Miricle Network.  We would […]


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Vote For The High School Game Of The Week

Vote for your HIGH SCHOOL for GAME OF THE WEEK. Then Listen to Lite FM Friday morning to see what game we are coming out see Friday night! Lite will be on-site the winners school game […]