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Things Our Parents Said To Us As Kids

We shared the things our parents used to say that we’ve found ourselves saying.


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Dinosaur Zoo Live Brings Prehistoric Creatures To Life Before Kids’ Eyes

Get up close and personal with prehistoric creatures at Dinosaur Zoo Live!


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10 Ways Parenting With A Toddler Is Like Living In Prison

It’s hard time doing 18-20 without parole, but that’s life when you’re a parent of a toddler.


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When Your Kids Walk In On You Naked

Julie shares the embarrassing situation she had last night when her daughter walked unannounced into the bedroom.


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Activities We Signed Up For As Kids And Totally Failed

We all had some sort of activities we did as kids, and we all had that one activity that we totally failed at. We shared our stories of epic activity failure this morning.


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When Your Kids Are Hazard To Your Health

For all the joy they bring into your life, kids can be a hazard to your health and safety. This morning, we shared stories of when kids caused adults injuries.


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Kids Getting Hurt At School

We shared our stories of injuries suffered in the schoolyard.


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She Mail: Mom Seeks Support For Strapping Wayward Toddler In Harness

This morning, Julie helped a pregnant mother who seeks support in using a child harness to keep her wayward toddler from running off while running errands.


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She Mail: Parents Trying To Protect Kids From Potty Mouth Classmate

This morning, Julie gave advice to a parent who are trying to protect their kids from a potty mouthed classmate and whether or not to approach the kid’s parents.


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Airline Offers “Child-Free” Zones

The friendly skies might not be so friendly for kids to fly anymore. One airline has launched a kid-free fly zone.