The Chicken Nugget Cleanse Is A Real Thing!We just got really excited!
The FDA Admits Nearly 70% Of Chickens Contain Arsenic
FDA Admits 70% Of U.S. Chickens Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic
Did KFC Just Serve A Deep Fried Rat??
Mila Kunis Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken
Foodie Blog: Pineapple Siracha Glazed Chicken
Vine Of The Day: Don't Be A Chicken- 11.19.14What the cluck?
Heart Broken Women Spends A Week In 24 Hour KFC
Burger King Tests Chicken And Waffle SandwichBurger Kings are testing chicken and waffle sandwiches, and we think it sounds amazing!
Football Foodies: Cheesy Chicken EmpanadasTony Zazza has another great recipe to try out at your next tailgate or football watching party.
Company Makes High-Visibility Vests For ChickensWhat did the chicken wear when it crossed the road? A British company is making high-visibility vests for the pedestrian poultry.
Woman Performs CPR On Blind Pet ChickenThe persistent efforts of one mother saved the life of the family's blind pet chicken.

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