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Mila Kunis Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken

This story is pretty ridiculous. Mila Kunis is being sued by one of her friends for something she allegedly did when she was six. Her friend claims she stole her pet chicken, and wants $5k […]

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Foodie Blog: Pineapple Siracha Glazed Chicken

Happy Monday!! Today,  ‪#‎InTheKitchen we are creating our own sunshine with this delicious citrus recipe! It’s the perfect dish for a family meal over Spring Break. Sweet, Spicy, and Citrus flavors explode in this Pineapple-Sriracha Glazed Chicken  from FabtasticEats […]


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Heart Broken Women Spends A Week In 24 Hour KFC

This women was so heart broken, she spent a week in a KFC. Her boyfriend broke up with her so she decided to go to KFC to get something to eat. While she was there, […]

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Burger King Tests Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

Burger Kings are testing chicken and waffle sandwiches, and we think it sounds amazing!


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Football Foodies: Cheesy Chicken Empanadas

Tony Zazza has another great recipe to try out at your next tailgate or football watching party.


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Company Makes High-Visibility Vests For Chickens

What did the chicken wear when it crossed the road? A British company is making high-visibility vests for the pedestrian poultry.


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Woman Performs CPR On Blind Pet Chicken

The persistent efforts of one mother saved the life of the family’s blind pet chicken.


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Coworkers That Don’t Watch Breaking Bad

It’s time to unleash the frustrations we’ve kept bottled all weekend and declare AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


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Two Men Arrested For Stealing $65,000 In Chicken Wings

You’ve gotta be pretty crazy about chicken to steal $65,000 in chicken wings… Or maybe just crazy.