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PIC: 40-Year-Old Kraft Mac & Cheese Looks Just Like New When Cooked

It’s not everyday you come across a box of Mac & Cheese that expired in 1974. So naturally you open it and cook it, right? How crazy is it that it looks the exact same […]

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Not Another Velveeta Shortage!

No…not again. What will we do without our Velveeta?


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Kraft Singles Getting Rid Of Artificial Perservatives

Recently I bought Kraft Singles. You know, the quote “cheese product slices”… then learned… it’s unhealthy. Kraft is now going to remove artificial preservatives from the product, according to NBC News So, do I throw […]


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Yellow Dye To Be Removed From Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Your mac and cheese will never look the same again.


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Man Steals 42,000 Pounds Of Cheese

This extra cheesy heist landed an Illinois man in a New Jersey jail.


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Celebrity Dietitian Says Bacon Cheese And Ice Cream Are Good For You

Hallelujah! Bacon could actually be good for you!!


All-American Recipes For The Fourth Of July

Americans love to eat, so’ food‘ and ‘The Fourth‘ are two words that definitely go together. While celebrating Independence Day this year, try one of these five delicious recipes inspired by the United States of America, for […]


Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Chats About Cheese

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman loves having casual get-togethers, and what is easier or tastier than putting together a cheese tray for your guests?!


Julie’s Sharing Her Soup!

Julie DeHarty loves to cook. This time she is sharing her recipe for broccoli cheese soup with Leigh Ann and everyone else.



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