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Alec Baldwin “Retires From Public Life.”

“It’s good-bye to public life in the way that you try to communicate with an audience playfully like we’re friends, beyond the work you are actually paid for.”


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CVS To Stop Carrying Cigarettes/Tobacco Products

It was announced today that pharmacy retailer CVS will stop carrying tobacco products, including cigarettes, by October 1st.


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VIDEO: Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Alive Under Debris During Live Interview

An elderly tornado survivor is reunited with her dog live on camera. Prepare the tissues!


Hey Baby, What Sign Are You?

  So you think that you are an Aries? Well, you may not be any more.


What Are You Taking To Italy Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann is packing for her trip to Italy. What is she taking with her?


Not Happy In San Francisco

Better get Mayor McCheese on the phone. The Hamburglar may have struck in San Francisco.  The Happy Meal Gang is banned.