Non-Alcoholic Wine For Cats Has Hit The United States
Adorable Pit Bull Carefully Tip-Toes To Avoid A Cat (Video)This dog puts all notions about Pit Bulls to bed, as a video shows him carefully tip toeing through a corridor to avoid of all things, a cat.
Dallas Pet Expo This Weekend; Free Event For You & Your Pet
Study: Dogs Love Us More Than Cats... Much More!I think we already knew that, but now science has proven it. Your dog loves you more than your cat. The results are in a new BBC documentary, Cats vs. Dogs. Saliva from dogs and cats to analyze hormone levels and how much they jump when playing with their ‘owners.’ Dogs’ oxytocin levels were nearly 5x higher than cats after ten minutes of play.
Hot Guys + Kittens = Best Instagram Account Ever!These are a few of my favorite things...
What Does Your Choice In Pets Say About You?Does your pet fit your personality?
VIDEO: Colbie Caillat's New Video Will Warm Your HeartAnimal lovers will fall in love with this song!
The Newest Internet Sensation: George The CatBecause cats, y'all.
Music For Cats is a Real ThingWhat kind of music do they like? The purrrr-ty kind, of course.
Vine Of The Day: Classy Cat Vs. Trashy Cat- 01.11.15Do I look like I give a meow?
Women Married Her Cats And Says She's Never Been Happier
Vine Of The Day: Eat Some Crow- 12.14.14This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "eats like a bird."

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