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Your Gas Gauge Tells You More Than When You’re Running On Empty

It’s something that you probably don’t notice on most days, but it trips you up when it’s time to fill up the gas tank. You can never remember which side of you car your gas […]


Cow Lover’s Drive Cow Cars

Leigh Ann took a few snapshots of a “Cow-Riffic” car the other day while out shopping… Needless to say, whoever the owner is, they’re a proud cow lover.


Gas Saving Tips For Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! Many will be traveling through the air, on the ground, running back and forth to the grocery store for grilling goods and to the beverage store to keep us […]


Gene & Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie:  Did Julie DeHarty get kicked out of Walmart for hulahooping? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win tickets a gift card to Cafe Express!


CES 2011 Resource Guide: Tablets, TVs, Phones, And More Gadget News

Our friends at CNET are scouring the floor of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, so you don’t have to. They’re writing reviews, taking photos, shooting video, and reporting back […]


Relationship Reportcard With Gene And Julie

Each week Gene and Julie give each other a letter grade on how they did as spouses the week before. Last week Gene gave Julie a C, but this week Gene finally moved the Christmas […]