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Have You Seen The Cotton Candy Oreo’s Yet??

Go ahead and just take our money. Oreo is on a role. Cotton Candy Oreo’s, not only that they are pink and blue. Oreo’s are awesome, and now remind us of our childhood. What scientist […]

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Ryan Seacrest Studio Opening At Children's Hospital Colorado

Vine Of The Day: Starburst Speakers- 12.15.14

It’s “star”-bursting with sound!


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Kim Kardashians Butt Now In Edible Form

As if the coffee maker wasn’t enough, there is now a Kim Kardashian butt pop. You can now buy cake pop’s, that are shaped like the Kim photo. I won’t be eating one of these […]

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Told Parents To Tell Their Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy, And It’s Hilarious

For the fourth year in row Jimmy Kimmel has pulled this trick on kiddos. Every single year I can’t get enough of it. It is brilliant, kind of mean, and hilarious all at the same time. […]

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Halloween Today…Vs. Halloween In The 70’s

The costume was crinkly plastic…AND WE LIKED IT!

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Who Said Halloween Can’t Be Fun For Adults? Pair These Wines With Popular Candies!

We know Halloween is a holiday for kids and that’s perfectly fine, but who says they get to have all the fun? This list gives us 7 popular Halloween candies that pair perfectly with certain […]

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Pick Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween is just around the corner, and we want to know which candy is the king of Halloween



Vine Of The Day: 05.14.14

There is so much gold on Vine it’s hard to narrow down a favorite, but I’ve decided to try. Each day I’ll post the funniest/most creative/coolest/most entertaining six-second video I can find. Today’s treat comes courtesy of […]


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Woman Giving Letters Instead Of Candy To Overweight Trick-Or-Treaters

A Fargo North Dakota woman is planning on handing out letters instead of candy to children she deems as “moderately obese” this Halloween. CBS Seattle is reporting that the woman is vowing to warn children […]


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Foods We Loved As Kids That We Can’t Stand As Adults

Buzz Aldrin recently admitted that “Tang sucks,” but Tang was awesome when we were kids. We thought about other foods we loved as children that we can’t stand now that we’re grown.