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Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercial Didn’t Even Air In America

There were 63 Super Bowl commercials that were aired in America. We have our favorites.  But maybe the best add of the day didn’t even come across the airwaves of this country. Maybe even more shocking, […]


Gene & Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

In honor of the Last Show Ever,  all the stories today are confession stories! Truth or Lie: Was Gene an exterminator before he became a radio host? Play Big Fat Liar next week and win tickets to see […]


The Wrinkle In Crime

Last spring, a Canadian woman was pulled over by a police officer and asked to blow into a breathalyzer. The woman was given four chances to blow, but she still couldn’t do it. What was […]


Katy Perry gets 17 stitches in her leg from fall

Even pop stars have injuries. [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] fell during a dance session at a Toronto nightclub on Sunday night after the Much Music Video Awards and as a result had to get 17 stitches, reports […]