Photo courtesy of Julie Fisk

What Julie Was Doing When She Got Caught On Camera

We’ve all been caught on camera doing something. We found out this morning what Julie was going when a camera caught her.


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VIDEO: Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Stops Guy Trying To Run Through Live Shot

People are always trying to get on camera during live shots. This morning we talked about Jim Cantore fighting of one camera-bomber, and another reporter gets his revenge.


Photo courtesy of Julie Fisk

What We Were Doing When We Got Caught On Camera

Julie shared that she got busted on camera breaking the law. We shared the times we were caught on camera.


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Unplug From Technology During Your Vacation

Get the most out of your vacation by really unplugging from all the technology with these tips!


What’s Bugging Leigh Ann?

What in the world is this? When using the ladies room at the radio station, Leigh Ann noticed this small object adhered to the door frame in the bathroom, behind the door.