Researchers Say Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Could Be Good For Your Brain And Waistline!
Adam Levine Just Spent His Birthday Alone, In Bed, Eating Cake!
Warning: Expect Long Lines For Dallas Grand Opening For Cake Lovers
There Is Going To Be A Carrot Cake Flavored Hershey Kiss!OMG! We can't wait to try this!
It's Steve Kemble's Birthday! You Have To See The Cake We Baked Him!What do you think of our cake?
This Color Changing Cake Will Blow Your Mind!
Photo Of Cake Decorated By Worker With Autism Has Gone Viral And It's The Sweetest Story EVER
Sweet Tooth? 'Cake Cleanse' Diet Allows 3 (Healthy) Desserts A DayThe idea definitely makes sense. A feeling of deprivation is a major reason that diets fail! 40-year-old Deborah Schipper of Sydney says she came up with the diet since she couldn't lose weight. Quote, "because I love sweets and I knew I could never give them up."
This Wedding Cake Is Not What It Appears To Be!
VIDEO: Over A Million People Have Watched This Video Of A 3 Ingredient Cheese Cake
CATFIGHT: Raven Symone Shuts Down Candace Cameron Bure's Homophobic CommentsIt's a battle of 80s tv stars!
Mom Claims Bakery Put A Vagina On Her 3-Year-Old Daughters Birthday Cake

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