How Does A Burger-King Wedding Sound?

I’m guessing who will be catering…


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Man Finds Something Horrifying In His Cheeseburger After He Bit It

We have found some pretty gross things in our food before, but this one might take the cake. We have all found a hair here and there, but have you found a bug in your […]

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Today is National Cheeseburger Day!! Where is YOUR favorite spot to grab a burger in DFW???


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Communion Burger Has Some Exclaiming Holy Cow

Holy cow! A restaurant was divinely inspired to create a Communion burger.


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Ramen Burger Draws Large Crowd Hoping For A Taste

Ramen Burger combines two college staples into one mouthwatering meal.


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Megaburgerpizza Combines Your Favorite Foods

Can’t decide between pizza and burgers? Why not have both?


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Woman Dislocates Jaw Trying To Eat Giant Hamburger

Snakes can unhinge their jaws, but humans should stick to eating burgers that can actually fit inside your mouth.


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Smashburger Giving Away FREE Burgers To “Burgers”

Celebrate National Burger Day with a burger! If your name is “Burger”, that burger is FREE!


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Man Keeps Fast-Food Burger For 14 Years; It’s Still Good

A 14-year-old burger, that was purchased by David Whipple in Logan, Utah on July 7th, 1999 is not only still around, but it’s in pretty good shape. At least according to a blog post written […]


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Restaurant Serves Kangaroo Burger

Many people might see it on the menu and shy away from it, but a New York City restaurant is thriving selling Kangaroo meat burgers, sliders and steaks. Delish.com is reporting that The Thirsty Koala […]