What These Students Did For A Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Will Melt Your Heart

A cheerleader with down syndrome in Wisconsin was bullied during a basketball game. During a time out the basketball players went and confronted the kids making fun of her. It gets way better though. They […]

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Just because we can't all be Taylor Swift doesn't mean we can't all be awesome! Photo Credit: GettyImages.

Taylor Swift Fan Gets Props From Hero, Shuts Down Bullies

Even though the anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people, the chance to respond to those awful things makes it worth keeping. Such was the case when Nadia, a huge fan of […]

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Bullied Bus Monitor Uses Dontations To Start Anti-Bullying Foundation

After a YouTube video exposed a group of middle schoolers taunting 68-year-old Karen Klein, she was flooded with donations. Now she is using that money to put an end to bullying.


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Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Targeted By Bullies

Kim Zolciak, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has seen a lot of perks from the fame she has gained through the show. Unfortunately her daughters treatment in school isn’t one of them.