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Celebrities And Botox

Think your favorite celeb has had Botox? I’d bet on it.


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Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like Botox

We are officially in the same month as Valentine’s Day and we have the stats on what ladies do and don’t want for the romantic holiday. Ladies don’t want chocolate and flowers. They do want […]


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Get Your Booze And Botox At The Dentist

Who says a trip to the dentist can’t be like a day at the spa? Why not a complimentary glass of bubbly, a massage, a facial, and even a bit of Botox to go along […]


Botox 3

Brazilians Giving Away Free Botox

Leigh Ann should have gone to Brazil. Late last year Leigh Ann got a little Botox done, but she paid for it. In Brazil there are doctors just giving the stuff away.


Laid-Off Workers Get Employment Tips And Free Botox Treatments

Loony British Mom Gives 8 Year Old Daughter $12,000 For Botox

The mom of year award is not going to Sarah Burge.  The British mom, 51, who gave her 7 year old daughter Poppy a Christmas voucher for liposuction and a breast augmentation voucher for her […]


Is There A Wrinkle With Leigh Ann?

Leigh Ann is worried about those pesky lines. She is thinking of going to the needle. Should she do it or not?


Gene & Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie: Do Gene & Julie use a pencil to end all their arguments? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win tickets too see Maroon 5 & Train at the Gexa Engery Pavillion!


Who’s Got the World Record for Cosmetic Procedures?

How many cosmetic procedures is too many? This woman has had 52! No, not that woman above. That’s Eddie Van Halen and he doesn’t appreciate you thinking that about him! Cosmetic procedures are so commonplace […]


Mom Gives 8 Year Old Botox To Make Her A Star

A mother in San Francisco is giving her eight year old daughter botox shots every three months.


The Wrinkle In Crime

Last spring, a Canadian woman was pulled over by a police officer and asked to blow into a breathalyzer. The woman was given four chances to blow, but she still couldn’t do it. What was […]