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Whoa! Don’t Expect Katherine Heigl On Scandal Anytime Soon

Shonda Rhimes (The Scandal showrunner) is not a fan of Katherine Heigl. Rhimes was around Heigl plenty when they worked together on Grey’s Anatomy, and she said don’t expect to see the blondie on her current […]

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Do You Have a Crush on Your Boss?

Well, this is an interesting article. In a recent survey, 40% out of the 1000 admitted to wearing bright red lipstick in order to get their boss’ attention. It also states 22% have acted on their […]


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Embarrassing First Impressions With The New Boss

Tony embarrassed himself in front of the new boss last night, so we shared our embarrassing stories about new boss first impressions.


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She Mail: Woman Runs Into Ex At Cher Concert

This morning, a woman who had an awkward run in with her ex at the Cher concert is asking for insight into the encounter. Check out what Julie had to say!


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Ex-Texas Ranger Ian Kinsler Voices Thoughts On His Former Boss

Ian Kinsler stirred the pot with Rangers fan after wishing a 0-162 season upon his former team. When have you thrown your ex-boss under the bus?


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She Mail: Woman Horrified By New Boyfriend’s Messy House

This morning, Julie gave advice to a She Mailer horrified by her new beau’s messy home.


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Things You Probably Shouldn’t Have Admitted To The Boss

There are just some things you shouldn’t tell your boss, and the stories we heard today prove it!


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She Mail: Boss Has Yet To Open Christmas Present From Employee

Julie gave advice to a woman who is upset that her boss hasn’t opened up her Christmas gift yet.


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Tony Prank Calls Boss During Truth Or Dare For Cher

Oh, the things you guys are making us do to win Cher tickets! We had some great dares this morning for Truth Or Dare 4 Cher!


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Employees Leave Worst Boss Ever Note Before Quitting

Worst boss ever inspires staff of mall store to quit. We shared our own stories about our Worst Bosses Ever.




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