Black Friday

KVIL Black Friday Take Over

KVIL Black Friday Take Over

Just when you thought it was time to warm up the left overs, think again. This year Black Friday sales began as early as Thanksgiving Day. KVIL sent out the best shopping duo team, yours truly, […]


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Vine Of The Day: Black Friday- 11.28.14

There is so much gold on Vine it’s hard to narrow down a favorite, but I’ve decided to try. Each day I’ll post the funniest/most creative/coolest/most entertaining six-second video I can find. Today’s treat comes courtesy of David […]


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Good Morning ~Overnight French Toast Souffle

Happy Friday!!! Today is Black Friday and I have a recipe that is perfect for a morning like today!! Overnight French toast soufflé!! This is so good you will be mad at me for introducing it to you. This dish will call you in your sleep :)


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VIDEO: This “Black Friday” Spoof Movie Trailer, Sums Up All Of Our Shopping Fears

Leave it to Nacho Punch the comedy group to make a spoof movie trailer for “Black Friday” With some of the crazy crowds we have seen on Black Friday lets be honest, how far are we […]

103.7 KVIL–11/25/2014

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The Best Black Friday Freebies

Check the freebies some retailers are handing out for Black Friday


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Walmart Will Dominate Black Friday

Clearly Walmart aims to dominate this holiday season.


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The Black Friday Dollar Store Prank

Improv Everywhere pulled a Black Friday Dollar Store prank. Their mission, have 100 people camp out in front of a .99 cent store in Manhattan on Black Friday. They arrived early with tents and sleeping […]


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Texas Man Pulls Gun On Black Friday Line Cutter; Police Say It Is Okay

A man pulled a gun on a fellow shopper during Black Friday sales. And the police were totally fine with it.


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Survey Shows 38 Million Americans Shop On The Toilet

The wireless internet age sure has changed the world, especially how we shop for the holidays. A new survey by CashStar and Harris Interactive shows that 38 million Americans have shopped online while using the […]