Man Says The Key To Living To 107 Was Drinking 4 Bottles Of Wine A Day!Now this is some health advice we can get down with! Love it!
It's Steve Kemble's Birthday! You Have To See The Cake We Baked Him!What do you think of our cake?
Dad Arrested Over Teen's Playboy Themed PartyYes, the epic Playboy-themed party this past weekend was hosted by an 18-year-old high schooler - who of course was found out because everyone posted pics to Instagram.
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Taking Their Picture With Santa Is ADORABLE!
Seinfeld Cast Full-Fills Dying Mans Wish For His BirthdayThis amazing act of kindness from the cast of the 1990's sitcom shows true character. James Anthony Calder, has since passed away, but before he did his son did something amazing and reached out the the cast asking if they would record a birthday message for his father for his 67th birthday.
Kim Kardashian Birthday Bash
Madonna Posts Adorable Photos for Daughter's BirthdayRemember when Madonna had her first born, Lourdes? No? Well that is probably because it was 19 years ago this week! She, like all moms, posts those TBT pics of mother and child (who’s now a sophomore at mom’s alma mater!)
Mom Buys 9 Bags Of Cocaine For Her Daughters Birthday!
You Will Never Believe What Ashton Kutcher Got Mila Kunis For Her Birthday
Channing Tatum Crashed This Kids Birthday Party And It Was Amazing
John Stamos Took Off His Clothes For You On His 52nd Birthday
Want Free Starbucks For Life? Here Is How You Do It!

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