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Five Year Old Gets Billed For Missing School Friend’s Birthday Party

Don’t laugh because this happened first in the UK! Things (especially cultural trends tend to migrate to the USA quickly – trust me!) But a FIVE-year-old boy has been handed an invoice for missing his […]

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Bill Cosby Drugged Taylor Swift In “South Park” Season Finale

South Park has a long history of making fun of very sensitive topics. Well they did it again in their season finale. They had Bill and Taylor sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and during the […]

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You Have To Hear What Don Lemon From CNN Asked Bill Cosby’s Alleged Victim On TV

Don Lemon asked Bill Cosby’s alleged rape victim why she didn’t just bite down if she didn’t want to do it. Her response was that she was very high at the moment and didn’t think […]

103.7 KVIL–11/19/2014

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Britney Spears Dines and Dashes On $30 Meal

The rest of us would be arrested for this. But when you’re Britney, it’s cute.


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Check Your Credit Card Statement For This Specific Dollar Amount, You May Have Been Scammed!

Remember the whole Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels credit card hack? It seems that the scammers have started charging those stolen credit card numbers, and the common amount is $9.84.


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When Parents Leave You With The Bill

Tony’s sister finds out just who is responsible for the $3,000 bill she received in the mail.


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Top Toll Tag Violators Called Out By NTTA

The NTTA is publishing the names of North Texas’ top toll violators. Is your name on the list?


2012 Coachella Music Festival - Day 3

Lindsay Lohan Owes $40k To A Tanning Salon

Tanning Vegas is trying to collect a debt from actress Lindsay Lohan for services from 2007-2009. The oft-troubled star is said to have left a bill for $40,000 unpaid and a judge as ordered Lohan […]



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